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denobiliaryparticle is an italian company founded in milan by paolo de vivo in 2018.

the brand reimagines the classic men’s pullover in a contemporary style, designed in milan.  we use the highest quality materials and production methods to offer a wardrobe staple, redesigned for refined and personal wear by all. 

our pieces look effortlessly smart and are comfortable to wear. paolo says, "i prefer to produce a few essential and neat pieces, crafted with great care and exceptional materials, to celebrate the timeless quality of the things that surround us."

the yarns used in the knitwear are pure, without any technical or synthetic blending.  they are woven at a family-run english mill that has been weaving since the 1700’s.  the pullovers are then knitted in Milan, by small-scale artisans.  they are entirely hand finished, up to the stitching of the labels.  the pure yarns last, the shape holds and the strength of the colours remains.  these are pullovers that stand the test of time.  they offer outstanding quality, to be enjoyed year to year, at affordable prices. 

the collection is built around a central design – a sweater made in ribbed english stitch – with variations on that theme. the lamb’s wool yarn, robust and textured, is introduced in ten colours.  the warm, modern camel hair wool yarn comes in three colours.  the baby alpaca yarn, with a very soft and cloudy finishing, is offered in nuances of grey.  the pure british sheep’s wool yarn comes in a wide palette, as does the pima cotton version, made from a cotton yarn produced in italy.  each yarn creates different fits according to its natural propensity.

the collection is unisex and genderless, designed for any discerning person who wants to wear timeless and versatile pieces and never get tired of them.

de is a nobiliary particle.