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from the first days

since the very beginning days i draw the brand around the idea of simplicity, using only pure and natural materials. the reason is neat: nothing can perform better than a simple recipe.

i am working with the same english yarn factory and the italian artisans from the first days, and the more we work together, the more i see that my collections are made to follow you for long.

design rules

natural materials can create shape and structure in different ways, this is the reason why i decided to start working on a single style made with different yarns. the colour palette follows this view and the process is completed when the textures of the different wools match with the light appeal of all the single colours. i don’t need attempts, my design routine is more runned by a perception than a sketch or a trial, and so for shapes and sizes.

i take my time and let this work goes elementary to a final plain result. the only question remains how produce the highest quality and the most sensitive collection of personal belongings such as pullovers.

family run factories

my yarn producer is english and it is a family run factory since the 1700. all the different wool are selected from the best breeder worldwide to become a traditional pure wool superior yarn.

their aim is to maintain the exceptional quality standard moving forward to the different and new possibilities of the modern production system. they source natural fibres with animal welfare highest in mind, working closely with their suppliers so to improve sustainability.

my production factory is based in milan. it is owned and operated by a second-generation knitter with a deep knowledge of alongside with a passion for quality.

the factory was founded in the 1980’s and has maintained its reputation by producing garments of the highest quality.

each pullover is knitted using italian knitting machines and then assembled by hand by a team with a specific experience; each person has a specific craft: pressing, assembling necklines, or stitching. when the knits are finished, the quality control team spot with me any imperfections. it’s all about care and dedication, this is the rule of my project.

animals and wool

animals should have a very good life and i need that my does. this is not only for the animal first but also for the environment and so for the quality of the wool that will become your sweather. i am sure about where and how the sheeps are involved in my collection and so for the camels and the goats, and i try as much as possible to select the best materials made with the best attention to all the steps of production worldwide.